Frequently asked questions
Blockhashmine is a pioneering, fast-rising, technological-driven blockchain-based platform that empowers and operates Forex, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold, Indices, Bonds. We are creating a business opportunity for the investors who wish to deal with a simple investment plan and with a safety as their own infrastructure type, and also to make their lifestyle worth living without any left-out debts and free of the complex trade.
With our experienced and skilled trading and mining Masters, who looks after the distribution of Public funds which are allocated in various profit-making markets through the medium of Network Marketing into the products such as Forex, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold, Indices, Bonds and other cryptocurrencies for which the funds are segregated in different ratios in order to minimize the Risk Factor and generate enough revenue for our Customers, where one Individual can secure and Lock their funds in a very right area with pocket full of Profits.
Blockhashmine has a different investment portfolio that helps you invest in a variety of segment, which minimizes the risk of failure. We have a secure and transparent policy for a transaction with the help of automated encryption technology that makes you the only user with all the necessary information of your belongings. We also have 24/6 Live Chat support on which you can raise a concern anytime you feel a doubt.
Yes, of course, you are heartily welcome to our Premises. We will be glad to have you here, often we like to have the front to front table meet with our Users. There are "N" numbers of users who have already been visited and some who are also in a queue to get approved with their Appointment by the Admin. So you make sure to take an Appointment first by writing an Email to us at and pre-book your seats to have a Friendly environment in Blockhashmine.
Basically, there are two ways to shake hands with us. Blockhashmine brings you Zero Cost Registration of an account. It is nowhere mandatory to join with a Referral Id. So One individual can directly join under the Admin if there is no one to lead you as your Sponsor. Suppose, if you are guided or invited by any of the Particular Person then you can also use their's referral link to appoint as your Sponsor in the business activity.
An investor can have only one Loyalty Trading Account registered on a single Email address. If any individual aiming for a large scale business which can require to create multiple of accounts, then he must have a different email address to register once again and can use same Name, contact number, and same IP address to complete the registration formalities.
There are Multiple incomes on your activity once you step in.
  1. Daily Fixed Returns on your Investment
  2. Direct/referral income
  3. Binary income
  4. Compounding Returns
  5. Agent and Franchisee benefits
  6. Career Progressions rewards
The minimum Investment to join the speculating world with Blockhashmine is $50, on which you get a minimal percentage of Returns. We are likely to respect the user affordability where anyone can join us without to any hesitation to earn income and Knowledge regarding the business as to create a successful opportunity if any individual is in the Beginner stage.
Eventually, your total returns include your Initial Investment as we strictly follow the NAV [Net Asset Value] policy respecting with their norms precisely we calculate the equations as the total value of the entity's assets (Initial Investment made by the user) minus (-) the total value of its grown profits at the end of the maturity (=) equals to Capital profits. We also undertake the precaution in order to avoid HYIP like structure and credit income only on Business days. We are here to pursue Genuine Business Relations with our Investors.
ROI calculation differs from package to package. The earliest withdrawal you can make on your ROI calculation is of 5 business days, which will be credited in your Trading Wallet.
We implement world-class reputed Finance Department carrying with a simple and easy way of making Transactions via various Payment Methods alongside and we integrate fully encrypted API's in order to work on Business Operations quickly such as Investment and Pay-out when there is a need for our customers to activate their accounts and can encash their grown Profits in a very secured pipelines of Payment Processors which are stated below-
  1. Perfect Money
  2. Payeer
  3. Bitcoin/Bitcoin cash
  4. Advanced Cash (ADV)
  5. Local deposit/Bank wire
We will also further like to introduce a few more Payment Processors in order for our user flexibility and for a large Options for making Transactions more healthy. Probably we do predict some of the below listed Payment methods hopefully upcoming as per the server comfortability.
  • Dogecoin
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
If any individual attempted Investment into an account then it takes no time to reflect your funds to your Investment List, sometimes it takes few minutes for the confirmation depending on your Method of Payment. Once your account is activated then it takes 24 hours of time for your returns to get credited.
Basically, this type of situation either takes a few minutes of time for the confirmation and as we are fully automated by our system so such case would incur very rare... then too if you are worried about the funds which are not credited then kindly make sure you visit our Live Chat Support immediately or raise a ticket via email to us mentioning all your deposit details along with your Transaction Id. We will look into at very priority and find a quick solution and try to activate your account.
No, there are no restrictions or Limit for any user to access multiple investments in a Single account.
There are Three segments where the incomes are segregated accordingly such as:
  1. Trade Wallet: The daily returns (ROI) on your Principal Investment is credited into this wallet. A user can notice his credit/debit balance here.
  2. Bonus wallet: The Affiliate Commissions such as Direct/referral and Binary are credited into this wallet after any user Introduces any other individual to Blockhashmine through the referral link.
  3. LTC wallet: this wallet is for internal transactions carried between one user to another user by combining one's Incomes and Commissions.
There are two possibilities while coming to the wallets.
  1. Intra Personal Wallet to wallet Transfer: You can combine your own Trade and Bonus incomes to your LTC wallet. Whereas, you cannot make a reverse transfer from LTC to any wallet.
  2. Internal LTC to LTC wallet transfer: You can transfer all your LTC balance to any others Individual's LTC wallet.
  • user can withdraw his funds as per the terms which are stated below:
    1. Trade wallet: Request for withdrawal can be submitted On 5th, 15th and 25th of every month between the gate at 6:00 PM n 11:00 Pm as per the server time.
    2. Bonus wallet: This wallet balances can be withdrawn Anyday at every time as per the daily from Monday to Friday server timings.
    3. LTC wallet: There are Zero Possibilities to withdraw from LTC wallet.
We play withdrawals very Swiftly. Once we receive any withdrawal request from a user, then the minimum time to process is 0-8 hours and the maximum time for processing is 24-48 hours (if any uncertainty caused).
In this scenario, if the individual is withdrawing for the very first time then he himself can choose the method as he feels comfortable. If not, then he has to make a request to our Finance Department by writing an email to our support mentioning your OLD beneficiary details along attached with your NEW Beneficiary details and send to us from your registered Email address along with your account user id, contact number which are registered with us.
We for the development and external formalities which induce us to deduct a very low and reasonable fees while withdrawing the funds and making an external LTC wallet to wallet Transfer to any Individual. If any individual place a withdrawal through E-currencies gateways then he will receive the funds after the deduction of 5% and in case if from the Bank Wire then it will charge 10%. Internal LTC wallet transfer charges are only 1% which will be bared by the Sender.
If any user looking for a long-term Business and aiming to grow his returns by compounding which can lead to ultimate savings for a particular period in a secure way. We take a full charge to provide our investors with standard Compounding returns of 0.25%, which a user can compound with a minimal amount of $50. Compounding of your returns consists one whole month to let it yield in your account. It is not mandatory after all.
Commissions and rewards are instantly transferred directly into the Loyalty Trading User Account from which an investor has activated the account and cannot be withdrawn until and unless the Main account of the user been active.
If you are looking forward to changing with your registered Email address or Contact Number, then you have to write an email to our Support team by mentioning your OLD email address, contact number, account user id, security pin and your account password. We will verify your primary data with our Records and then change your New credentials which you also have to mention in the email and send us.
Well, this is a very common case where certainly people face, we ask you to be calm as there is an Option FORGOT PASSWORD at our Login Page through which you can recover your password by entering your account user id and by solving the google captcha, later find an email after the process which is registered with us. You will have to click at the link and then reset your password.
If you have miss placed with your Security(transaction) pin, then write an email to the support: by requesting your lost Pin mentioning along with your Registered account user id, Contact number, and send it from your registered Email address and you will be reverted back within 0-8 hours with the appropriate response.